Benefits of the Yamaha NP12 Micro Keyboard

If you’ve never had the chance to hear a piano played live, you’re missing out on one of the most magical experiences you could imagine. The Yamaha NP12 piano is designed for two people to share. The first note, Piaggero would amaze you with its small size and the rich, crisp tones it possesses, from its beautifully light, warm melodies, to a warm, rich sound sampled from among one of Yamaha’s best concert pianos. The NP-32 contains a “Customer Select” keyboard with eleven selections of sounds from which to choose. It is surprisingly natural and expressive, so much so that you can take it wherever to play.

Yamaha NP12

But it’s not just the richness of the sounds that make Yamaha pianos so desirable. Far, from it. Digital pianos have advanced tremendously over the past 50 years. The Yamaha piano has been left behind. Not because it is a lesser-quality instrument, but because it does not compare to today’s best digital pianos.

Most digital pianos feature the all-important variable Response curve. The Yamaha NP12 features a fine-tuned curve that responds differently to different keys. This variable response enables the pianist to control the tones of each key individually. There are eleven onboard keys with individually variable responses. The eleven-key model of the NP12 is the most popular and most widely used by professional piano players throughout the world.

In addition to the individual response of each key, Yamaha’s pianos offer a wide range of conveniences and extras that set them apart from their competition. For example, Yamaha uses what is known as “soft compression” in its sound shaping engines. Soft compression ensures that sounds are as close to the original tone as possible, thanks to the finely-tuned equalizer. Another handy function of Yamaha’s NP12 keyboard is the fact that it contains a built-in program library that lets you recall favorite keyboard songs easily.

With all the benefits of a fine-tuned Yamaha keyboard, what does the average consumer get out of an NP12? That depends on the individual! Some keyboardists are content with a small laptop computer and a couple of headphones. Other professionals and users though, demand the full package. Their desires may include portability, battery life, and the ability to take recording or rehearsal recordings to a second location.

Portability is the key to many of today’s innovative products. The Yamaha NP12 keyboard manages to combine great portability along with all the benefits of a professional-sounding instrument – in a single small keyboard. While many small keyboards have limited number of keys and are not portable, the Yamaha NP12 has a standard sized keyboard with over 61 keys. This is nearly twice as many as the typical small keyboard and Proportional to that, you are able to perform nearly three times the notes that you could on a normal laptop.