King Street Dental in Wollongong

King Street Dental in Wollongong

King Street Dental in Wollongong is a renowned dental clinic in Wollongong. Established in 1986, this clinic provides a comprehensive range of dental treatments and surgeries for all members of the community. The King Street Dental Clinic prides itself on providing the highest quality dental services to the people of Wollongong. The clinic ensures that all its staff and dental surgeons are fully qualified to carry out all procedures and surgeries with utmost professionalism and dedication. You will find that the King Street Dental Clinic has been able to attract many well-known practitioners and dentists from different parts of Australia. This ensures that you are able to receive treatment that meets your needs with utmost confidence.

The King Street Dental Clinic prides itself on offering world class dental services to its patients. This clinic accepts all types of dental insurance plans including private, regional and general health schemes. The Wollongong clinic is accredited by the Royal Australian Dental Association (RADA). The clinic offers a wide range of treatment and surgery options that meet the needs of people who suffer from different dental problems.

The main objective of the King Street Dental Clinic is to provide high quality treatment to all its patients. It offers comprehensive dental care right from the examination, diagnosis, treatment and follow up care. The clinic is equipped with top-notch dental equipment and facilities that make it easy for dental patients to get treatment. It also makes sure that it makes available necessary information and assistance to patients, so that they are able to get the best possible dental treatment. Moreover, the King Street Dental Clinic takes time to understand each patient’s dental problem and then offers a specific treatment plan that best suits the patient’s needs.

The dental clinics of King Street Dental Clinic have gained international accreditation for providing various dental services. It also offers specialty services like cosmetic dentistry, orthodontics, dentures, sedation dentistry and pediatric dentistry. It is one of Australia’s leading dental hospitals and ranks among the best in the country. The hospital has many branches in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Perth. Some of the dental clinics of the clinic in Melbourne include King Street Dental Clinic, Dental Treatment Centre, Dental Health Services, Dental Surgery, Reconstructive Surgery Centre, Back and Oral Surgery, Family Practice, VD Therapy and Forensic Dentistry.

In its branch, King Street Dental Clinic offers a variety of treatment plans including preventative care, specialty services, emergency services, postoperative care, dental surgeries, tooth extraction services, sealants, bleaching and bonding, cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, family care and pediatric dentistry. It also provides x-ray services. Other than these, the clinic also offers dental counseling, laboratory services, education and training programs and rehabilitation services to help in the promotion of dental health. Moreover, it undertakes research projects to promote community dental initiatives. In addition, the clinic educates people about the importance and benefits of dental health.

To cater to the needs of people, the clinic offers several types of patient-friendly environment, advanced diagnostic and laboratory services, highly advanced technology, comprehensive health education programs and state-of-the-art equipment and accessories. These services ensure that the treatment at the King Street Dental Clinic is of high quality. The dental clinic in Melbourne offers various types of affordable dental treatments. Some of the common dental treatments offered at the clinic include teeth cleanings, dental implants, porcelain veneers, gum grafts, bleaching, bonding, root canal treatments, cosmetic dentistry, sedation dentistry, family care, pediatric dentistry, full-face care, bonding, teeth whitening and bonding. The Melbourne Dental Association has been instrumental in the development of a system of referral networks. These referral networks provide low cost dental services across the country to people living in different areas.