Pasir Ris 8 Balance Units

Pasir Ris 8 Condo

The Pasir Ris 8 Balance Units is a condominium which has been designed by some of the best architects and interior designers from around the world. The project was initiated in 2002 by the then mayor of Singapore, Mr Chee Soon Juan. It was meant to be a model community for small townships and small cities around the country, similar to what Singapore used to be. However, it soon became apparent that not only was the Punggol coast better suited for a seaside resort, it was also a much more attractive location for residents, in terms of location, culture and amenities.

The core of the community consists of a series of high-rise towers, which are modern and elegant, with many residents preferring them due to their opulence and architectural brilliance. However, the development also has an interesting history behind it, due to its incorporation of Dutch colonial architecture into the design. For example, a small Dutch colonial building can be seen in the center of the main promenade, which was replaced by a modern and elegant skywalk. Beyond the main area, there is also a series of terraces and public spaces, all of which are seamlessly blended into the main residential and commercial areas of the area.

Although the majority of the building is comprised of concrete and brick, there are also a number of timber cladding units which are used on the upper stories. Despite the fact that most of the units are comprised of glass, one of the most prominent features of the Pasir Ris 8 Condo is the roof, which offers an open floor plan to the prospective future residents. Located on the first floor, the steel roof garden offers residents the chance to look out onto the wide expanse of the waterfront. There are also many glass covered terraces which offer residents the opportunity to enjoy the panoramic view of the downtown skyline.

Most condos are located near transportation links such as the Pasir Ris 8 Condo’s bus terminal. The bus terminal is one of the busiest bus stations in the entire city, serving not only the passengers who board buses to the city, but those who ride the subways and taxis as well. The upcoming sale of the condo marks the relocation of the bus terminal closer to the planned commuter population. This provides the potential for an influx of new residents to the area, as well as an increase in services and amenities that will make living within the upcoming condominium more pleasant than the current housing market.

Another notable aspect of the upcoming mixed-use, integrated development is the planned pedestrian mall. Developed alongside the bus terminal, the planned mall will feature a variety of retailers and restaurants. The planned layout will include a Children’s mall, an entertainment mall, a premium restaurant and a movie theater. The mall itself will be located right at the heart of the planned Pasir Ris 8 condo, as well as the planned transformation of the mall into a dynamic live/work space. Pasir Ris is known for being a quiet oasis in the middle of the night, offering a refuge from the bustling noise of the city.

With all of these unique attributes, the Pasir Ris 8 condo will certainly stand out from the typical high-rise development. The mixed-use, integrated development will feature cutting-edge technology, cutting-edge restaurants and a premier shopping mall. Not to mention the fact that it will be located right in the midst of a lively and exciting place that is quickly becoming known as Singapore’s “hipster heaven”. The upcoming mixed-use, integrated development is expected to be completed by the end of 2009. The success of this project will set the stage for even more exciting developments throughout Singapore, as developers look to tap into the next level of living in the country.