What is a Fire Watch Services?

If your commercial building has an operational fire alarm system but many other fire risks, fire watch services may be necessary to protect your property. In the presence of combustible material, you require a second pair of eyes and correctly trained personnel to effect proper safety practices. When there is no alarm equipment in place, a silent alarm can be just as deadly as an active alarm. A professional monitoring service can ensure that your system has been inspected and maintained so it can work when it’s most important to do so. This will help you to protect the investments you’ve made in your business as well as the lives of the people who work for you.

Fire Watch Services

The dangers can be much worse on a construction site or warehouse than they are on a manufacturing or retail production line. Working on a busy manufacturing line could easily see several fires start in the course of a few hours, and this can lead to injuries, serious damage and loss of life. Fire watch services may include an automatic sprinkler system that is connected to an inspection post or a command center monitored by trained personnel.

The cause of a malfunctioning fire alarm can be faulty wiring, a faulty communication system or a malfunctioning fire sprinkler system. A company that offers fire watch services will inspect the facilities on your construction site before any problems arise. Some inspections may include the placement of sprinklers and smoke detectors in strategic locations. This type of proactive approach will prevent the problem from developing into a dangerous situation that you may not have been able to prevent.

You can rest assured that your fire watch services provider will also use their experience to address potential hazards that exist after the fact. This means they’ll know to take care of any potential hazards that didn’t exist during the inspection. They will make sure to re-examine any equipment, doors and windows that may have been affected by the fire and check for mold, mildew or other health hazards. They are also trained to handle situations where there are excess amounts of water or electrical issues that may have resulted in damage.

If a fire watch services provider observes a major fire outbreak on your property, they will notify the proper authorities. Because of their training, they will know how to handle emergencies and deal with injured or affected people. They will also be prepared to deal with any property damages caused by fire outbreaks as well. They will bring essential tools to restore the site to its former state following major fire outbreaks and provide their client with post-incident follow up services.

Fire watch security guards are responsible for protecting the premises of any business. It’s important for business owners to hire professionals who are properly insured and equipped with proper equipment. Some of the best equipment includes: automatic fire detection system, multi-station infrared video surveillance camera, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, rescue breathing apparatus, and carbon monoxide detectors. Fire watch services providers not only monitor the integrity of the fire alarm system but also the overall safety measures at the premises. With these services, businesses can stay safe from possible fire outbreaks.